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Members, Volunteers & Partners

The Chesterfield Conservation Commission currently consists of five active members and one alternate member who share the responsibilities on the commission:

  • Lynne Borofsky (chair) 

  • Kathy Thatcher              

  • Pam Walton                   

  • Bruce Jacobs                                  

  • Susan Donahue                           

  • Chris Oot  (alternate)

  • Judy Idelkope as Selectboard Representative  

The meeting minutes archive can be accessed here.

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Trail Adopters and Volunteers

We maintain our trails using an Adopt-a-Trail strategy. These folks help us maintain the trails. Our trail adopter leader is Tom Duston, please contact him if you are interested in helping out.  

Friedsam Town Forest:

Cemetery Loop: Connie LaFleur

Sargent Trail: Jeff Scott 

Ancient Oaks Trail: Pam and Ken Walton

Audrey’s Meander/ Skil trail: Ray and Darlene Dunn


Madame Sherri Forest (Western Section of WMT):

Daniel’s Mt. Trail: John Bauby

Ann Stokes Loop: Kathy Thatcher

Daniel’s Mt Loop: Paul LInk

Mine Ledge Trail:Kendra Gardner

Mine Ledge to Wantastiquet Natural Area Summit Trail: 

Bear Mt. Connector: Paul LInk

Bear Mt. Trail: Gary Montgomery


Keene Connector Trail (partnership with Monadnock Conservancy and Antioch):

Draper Road/Hines Road: Wayne Dingman

Beals to the hourglass: Lynne Borofsky and Tom Duston

The Hourglass to California Rd. : Norman Hassell

California Road  to Horatio Colony: Bernie and Carol Glabach

Horatio Colony Trails: Paul Bocko, Horatio Colony/Antioch NE Collaborative

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Chainsaws on call

John Herrick

Graham Golden

Bridge Builder

Cory Shepherd

We have a strong history of partnerships with other environmental groups to work on  shared trails, educational opportunities, conservation land acquisitions, and preservation of water bodies.

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