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Evans Farm Easement

The Village of Chesterfield sits on a ridge with expansive views west over the Connecticut River Valley and the mountains of Vermont.  Approaching the village from the south along Rte. 63, these views are evident across productive and scenic working farmland.  The Evans Farm Easement now protects 37.5 acres of this farmland, anchoring the gateway into town and helping to preserve an important part of Chesterfield’s character and feel.

​The Evans Farm Easement, held by the Monadnock Conservancy, prevents non-agricultural development, but encourages the public to visit and enjoy this scenic property.  Subject to occasional limitations during active agricultural operations, the public is invited to visit, and the owners allow for both wildlife and human use. Each year they push back the mowing of the fields until mid-July or later to minimize impact on the bobolinks, ground nesting birds that prefer tall grass habitat.

“I want to keep the fields in Chesterfield. It’s an island for wildlife,” owner Lucky Evans said. “I hope people enjoy it, not just driving by but to walk, snowshoe, or cross-country ski around too.”

Evans Farm is located adjacent and west of Rte. 63 at the junction with Stage Road. View the map here.

MC-lucky's-33 (002).jpg

Photo courtesy of

Monadnock  Conservancy    Stephen H. Gehlbach

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Photo courtesy of

Monadnock Conservancy

Stacy Cibula

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